Presidential Suites at the Elysee
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Which Presidential Suite at the Hotel Elysee are you? Take our quick quiz to find out!

Published: December 7th, 2021

Have you ever wondered which Presidential Suite at the Hotel Elysee would suit you best?  Try this quick and fun test to see your best match!


1.     My safe space is:

a. The outdoors

b.  Staying in with my significant other

c.  The Hotel Elysee


2.     My ideal way to relax is:

a. Listening to the sounds of the piano

b.  Reading poetry

c.  Seeing a play


3.     I feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by:

a. Bright, cheerful colors

b.  Warm, neutral tones

c.  A mixture of bright colors and neutral tones


4.     Generally speaking, I am:

a.  An art lover, the fine arts captivate me

b.  A historian, poet

c.  Someone who loves to be surrounded by friends & laughter


5.     When I was a child, I wanted to be a __________ when I grew up:

a.  A musician

b.  A President

c.  A famous playwright


6.     When I am tired I like to:

a.  Feel the breeze and hear the world around me

b.  Do nothing.  Just listed to the quiet all around

c.  Enjoy the company of my closest friends


7.     When I travel I can’t live without:

a.  A beautiful balcony.  I don’t like to be cooped up

b.  A deep soaking bath.  I love to unwind while I am away

c.  A pull out sofa bed.  Who knows if a friend will join last minute


8.     My friends would describe me as:

a.  A romantic

b.  A free thinker and a leader

c.  Upbeat and inspiring


9.     Which quote resonates best:

a.  “Perfection itself is imperfection”

b.  “Truth and love with overcome lies and hatred”

c.  “In memory, everything seems to happen to music”




Mostly A’sYou are the Vladimir Horowitz Suite.  The Vladimir Horowitz Suite is donned in beautiful bright yellows, enough to make anyone cheerful; just like you!  Romantic and practical, love fills the air and will have you swooning your way over to Mr. Horowitz’s very own piano.  Just think… you can touch the keys that have graced the ears of so many.  The attached balcony off the bedroom adds a little je ne sais quois. Over looking 54th Street, you can enjoy the sea of sky scrapers all around you.

Features of the Vladimir Horowitz Suite:

  • King Bed
  • Marble Bathroom
  • Vladimir Horowitz’s Baby Grand Piano
  • Non-working Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Outdoor terrace/balcony off the bedroom
  • 8 person Dining Table
  • Connecting Deluxe Double room with 2 beds available
Presidential Suite honoring Vladimir Horowitz

Presidential Suite honoring Vladimir Horowitz

Mostly B’s You are the Vaclav Havel Suite.  The Vaclav Havel Suite is decorated in beautiful orange and gold masculine tones.  As you may have guessed, similar to you, it is very warm and welcoming.  Take a look around and you will find some of the literature written by the late President Vaclav Havel.  His words will remind you to take time and enjoy each day.  The best way to unwind after your trip may be a long hot bubble bath in the soaking tub.

Features of this suite:

  • King bed
  • Marble Bathroom
  • Separate shower and oversized bathtub
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Non-working fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Dining Table to accommodate 6 people
  • Connecting Deluxe Double room with 2 beds to combine for a larger suite
Presidential Suite honoring Vaclav Havel

Presidential Suite honoring Vaclav Havel

Mostly C’s You are the Tennessee Williams Suite.  A bit eclectic and a bit eccentric; you, just like the Tennessee Williams Suite know exactly how to find the perfect balance between joy & romance.  A large dining table to entertain guests is right up your alley.  Take a walk around the Tennessee Williams Presidential Suite to spot photos, books and even a letter Mr. Williams’ wrote to a friend from the Hotel Elysee.

Features of this room:

  • King bed
  • Queen Size pull out sofa bed
  • Walk In Closet
  • Marble Bathroom
  • Non-working Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Dining table to accommodate 6
  • Connecting Deluxe King Room to convert to a 2 bedroom; 2 bath suite
Presidential Suite honoring Tennessee Williams

Presidential Suite honoring Tennessee Williams

Whatever your “flavor” we know you love luxury and great comfort.  Our job at the Hotel Elysee and the Library Hotel Collection is to make sure we succeed in giving you the great comfort you crave while on vacation!  Always feel free to contact us at the Hotel Elysee, the Casablanca Hotel, the Hotel Giraffe or the Library Hotel to let us make your vacation dreams come true!