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Éminence Organic Skin Care comes to Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection

Published: April 1st, 2019

World’s #1 professional organic skin care favored by Hollywood movie stars to be available exclusively at Aria Hotel Budapest’s award-winning spa from April.

Éminence has long been one of the leading skin care brands among the world’s celebrity elite. The company has grown since its founding to become a favorite among Hollywood movie stars and a-listers, with the likes of Meghan Markle, Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman being just some of the big names that swear by its range. Éminence has strict quality controls on every one of its products, growing the ingredients in worldwide organic and biodynamic farms to ensure its products are GMO, SLS and paraben-free without any testing on animals. Because of its dedication to high-quality, environmentally friendly cosmetics, the Éminence brand is exclusively available in places where treatments and products are used only by professional beauticians trained in Éminence’s special educational program. Now Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection will be joining this international community, with its Harmony Spa Budapest becoming the exclusive Hungarian partner from April.

Photo credit to Éminence

As part of this partnership, Harmony Spa Budapest will provide twelve special treatments alongside the availability of Éminence’s range of biodynamic skin care products within the Aria Hotel. Based on the brand’s strict quality assurance principles, Éminence has transferred its specialist knowledge to the colleagues of the Budapest hotel’s award-winning* spa and beauty facilities.

For instance, the 60-minute Aria Signature Facial treatment will assist with dehydrated skin through a muscle tone enhancing message. The luxury 90-minute anti-aging facial treatment, meanwhile, will combine extra high potency vitamin C and sunflower seed serum with a special massage technique to help remove deep wrinkles caused by aging skin.


About Éminence

The origin of the Éminence brand actually reaches back beyond its establishment in Canada with the founding brothers adopting the heritage of their mother. Her natural skin care recipes have since gone on to form the foundation for Éminence, which is nowadays the leading organic skin care brand available worldwide across 50 countries. It’s the focus on social responsibility that has remained at the core of the company, however, which is committed to remaining an ecologically friendly company. Éminence plants a new sapling for every product purchased, for example, having planted over 11 million trees as part of the Forest for Future program. It’s for this reason that the company uses FSC-certified paper coming from responsible sources for its packaging and soy ink for its printing, all in the name of its self-built responsibility for future generations.

Photo credit to Éminence

But that’s not all. The Éminence Kids Foundation has become a social mission over the last three years, which aims to provide nutritious organic food for children suffering from serious illnesses. The idea was born from one of the founder’s own experiences and, as a survivor of childhood leukemia, he insists that it was his mother’s diet of good, organic food as a supplement to his treatment to be a significant reason for his ability to recover and to avoid relapse. The Éminence Kids Foundation seeks to provide this same nutritious diet for children in similar situations.

It’s partly this social conscience that has helped make Éminence such a popular brand among Hollywood’s big name celebrities. It has been highly praised by movie stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Liv Tyler and Katherine Heigl, and was included as a part of the Oscar Award Winners’ Gift Package. Cameron Diaz has even said that she never goes to the beach without the biodynamic-certified Facial Recovery Oil.

In fact, for three consecutive years Éminence has won the Innovation Spa Award from the International Spa Association for its Age Corrective Ultra Collection**. This is one of the most prestigious awards within the worldwide cosmetics sector, but the company has continued to stand out from as far back as 2009, with American spa professionals voting the brand as a favorite each year since***.


* Europe’s Best Wellness Spa @ World Boutique Hotel Awards, London 2015

** International Spa Association (ISPA) – ISPA Innovate Award Winner 2015, 2016, 2017

*** American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards – Favorite Professional Skin Care Line (2009-2018)


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