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Library Hotel Collection Interview with Influencer Malena Permentier:

Published: April 10th, 2017

For today’s #TravelTuesday, we are excited to share the reasons Malena Permentier fell in love with the Library Hotel Collection. Malena along with her FashionContainer blog partner, Tatiane, was able to experience the unique concepts, rooms, and location of four of the Library Hotel Collection hotels. Aria Hotel Budapest was thrilled to host them on their first Fashion Container official trip  and on their first trip to the Big Apple, they stayed at Hotel Giraffe. Photographer Tatiane Kozijn was able to capture great moments of the stay which they shared on their blog:

Aria Hotel Budapest
The Music Garden in Aria Hotel Budapest
The Library Collection Part 3 – Aria Hotel Prague
Suite Life at the Hotel Elysee
Hotel Giraffe New York

Library Hotel Collection: Tell us about yourself, how did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
Malena Permentier: I’ve loved traveling for as long as I remember! The more often and the further from home, the better. I actually got my first real taste for unique design hotels at the Aria Hotel in Budapest. That was two years ago.

LHC: How often do you travel and how long have you been an active travel influencer?
MP: Our blog, FashionContainer, has been around for almost five years, but we’ve only gotten deeply involved in travel collaborations over the past two years.

LHC: Which of our hotels did you stay in?
MP: We stayed (when I say ‘we’, I mean myself and Tatiane, the other half of the FashionContainer team) at the Aria Hotel Budapest, Aria Hotel Prague, Hotel Giraffe and Hotel Elysee.


LHC: How did you hear about our hotels and why did you choose to stay with us?
MP: We read about the Aria Hotel opening in Budapest. The interior looked spectacular so we wanted to go!

LHC: From your experience in our hotels, what makes the experience with us unique?
MP: The hospitality and feeling of ‘home’.

LHC: What will you remember most about your stay?
MP: Watching the sunset on the High Note Skybar of the Aria Hotel Budapest with a glass of wine in my hand!

LHC: Was there anything in our city that surprised you?
MP: When we stayed at Hotel Giraffe, it was our very first time in New York so we were surprised by everything! It was amazing!

LHC: What was your favorite local dish?
MP: We loved Dos Caminos, a really cool Mexican place, just around the corner of Hotel Giraffe.

LHC: Why did you choose to visit our city?
MP: Because my travel bucket-list is never ending!

LHC: What was your favorite nearby attraction?
MP: In New York, that would be the Flatiron district.

LHC: Was there anything you recommend as a nearby “must see” for our guests?
MP: Any rooftop bar to watch the sunset!

LHC: What would you recommend someone do to prepare for a trip to our city?
MP: I always like to research which cool places are at a walking distance from the hotel.


LHC: What would you recommend to travelers that they must pack for a trip to our city?
MP: To New York: comfy shoes that help to walk around all day!

LHC: Did you collect any souvenirs from your travels?
MP: No, I don’t really believe in souvenirs. I prefer pictures!

LHC: What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?
MP: See more of Croatia! Which is happening this summer. Exciting.

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Photo Credits: FashionContainer  |  Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn