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Library Hotel Collection Interview With Influencer Jessica Bowen

Published: April 11th, 2017

Library Hotel Collection Interview With Influencer Jessica Bowen:

Jessica Bowen is a New York City native dedicated to sharing “the best of New York…as used by New Yorkers”. We love how Jessica highlights the best this magical city has to offer. Join us in learning more about Jessica and her staycation at the wonderful Library Hotel in midtown: 5 TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR PERFECT NYC STAYCATION

Library Hotel Collection: Tell us about yourself, how did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
Jessica Bowen: As a former military brat, I was accustomed to uprooting and moving to a new state every 2 to 3 years (I’ve lived in 10 states total!) Once I got out of college and established my life as an adult, it was important for me to put roots down in one spot (my beloved NYC), but I never lost the itch to travel frequently and explore new places and cultures.
LHC: How often do you travel and how long have you been an active travel influencer?
JB: We typically travel once a month, even if it’s a quick weekend away to explore a nearby town we’ve never been to, or taking an afternoon to explore a new neighborhood within the boroughs of NYC. I started my blog Used York City in 2011, which encourages readers to use their city to find inspiration in the little things every single day…wherever they may be! We post regularly with both our NYC and travel adventures.

LHC: Which of our hotels did you stay in?
JB: The Library Hotel…what a gem!



Poetry Garden at the Library Hotel

LHC: From your experience in our hotels, what makes the experience with us unique?
JB: I love the attention to detail within the hotel–the way each floor is named after a different section in the library, the collection of books in each room, and having a morning cup of coffee on the rooftop, watching the traffic below zip by. Even though we were “staycationing” within our own city, it truly felt like an enchanted getaway! You can read about our stay here!

LHC: What will you remember most about your stay?
JB: We so enjoyed the evening wine and cheese reception, held in the reading room from 5 to 8pm every day. What a lovely way to unwind and recap a busy day in the city, and mingle with other travelers.

LHC: Did you experience any favorite restaurants during your stay? What was your favorite local dish?
JB: We dined downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant, Madison & Vine, and loved being able to sit outside and enjoy the city on a warm summer evening. If you’re looking for a true “local’s favorite”, I would implore you to head to the nearest dollar pizza joint and pick up a slice! It will be the best dollar you spend in this city, promise!


Brunch at Madison & Vine

LHC: What was your favorite nearby attraction?
JB: Without a doubt, the main branch of the New York Public Library. As an avid reader and writer, it’s my favorite building in all of New York City…or actually, the world. In fact, it’s where my husband proposed to me!

LHC: What would you recommend someone do to prepare for a trip to our city?
JB: New York is massive, and it can be overwhelming to try to cram all the “must-sees” in. Instead, I’d recommend really honing in on your interests, and taking it from there. Are you a foodie? Take a food tour of Chinatown and Little Italy and snag reservations at a few famous NYC restaurants! Are you into history? Take an iPod walking tour of an off-the-beaten path neighborhood and learn something new, and stop by a few key museums. Are you looking to relax? Book a spa day, or check one of NYC’s famous cheap massage parlors. You get the idea. Also, another tip I give people traveling anywhere is to read fiction books set in the city before your trip. I’m a huge believer that this helps you get into the planning process, and will enhance your trip a million times over when you see in person the places you read about in your books! If you need inspiration on NYC books to read, our Novel’s of New York Instagram has got you covered!


Langston Hughes Plaque outside the Library Hotel

LHC: What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?
JB: We’re headed about 3 hours north of the city this weekend for a short getaway to The Berkshires! And our next big trip I’m currently planning is a trip to Iceland…couldn’t be more excited!

You can follow Jess’s adventures on her blog, Instagram, and Twitter pages! If you live in NYC and love reading books set here, join her Novels of New York monthly book club!

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