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Library Hotel Collection Interview With Les Berlinettes’ Amandine Hach:

Published: March 28th, 2017

Les Berlinettes‘ Amandine Hach Visits Library Hotel Collection

Amandine Hach of Les Berlinettes, lifestyle, fashion, and travel blog, visited New York City for Fashion Week and was able to experience three of our boutique hotels in Manhattan; Library Hotel, Casablanca Hotel, and Hotel Giraffe. Originally from France and now living in Berlin, Amandine shares her diverse passions from interviews with musical artists to her favorite health recipes. We were thrilled Amandine was able to share about her time in New York from her own unique perspective: NYC – 3 affordable and central boutique hotels.

Library Hotel Collection: Tell us about yourself, how did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
Amandine Hach: 
My passion for travel started when I was young. My mum was a big traveler, I think I inherited it from her. She has been everywhere.

LHC: How did you hear about our hotels?
The Library Hotel Collection came highly recommended to me by other bloggers.

LHC: From your experience, what makes a stay with us unique?
Each property brings you to a unique place and I find them very classy. I love your hotels – especially the wine and cheese reception at all of them!

LHC: Was there anything in our city that surprised you?
I have been to New York many times. What always surprises me is how friendly and helpful people are. This city always gives me so much energy!

Giraffe hotel view New York City

View on to Park Avenue from Hotel Giraffe Balcony

LHC: Did you experience any favorite restaurants during your stay? What was your favorite local dish?
I generally go for burgers. I love Five Guys and Shake Shack burgers because we don’t have them in Germany. I like burgers, lobsters, and street food.

LHC: What was your favorite nearby attraction?
AH: Central Park is my favorite location in New York.

LHC: Was there anything you recommend as a nearby “must see” for our guests?
Last time I was in New York I took the Ferry to New Jersey. It was so nice. I recommend it if you are in New York for the summer.

Library hotel wine

Library Hotel – Wine & Cheese Reception

LHC: What would you recommend someone do to prepare for a trip to our city?
New York is really big and there is many things to do. It is best to prepare what you want to see before you arrive to avoid losing time.

LHC: What would you recommend to travelers that they must pack?
Don’t pack too much! New York is too great for shopping! Here are some tips for vintage and jewelry shopping: NYC – Favourite vintage stores in Soho and Williamsburg

LHC: What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?
This year I hope to come back to the Unites States, maybe New York again or Los Angeles. I would also love to visit French Polynesia.

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