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Library Hotel Collection Interview With Influencer Elisabetta Bertolini:

Published: March 21st, 2017

Elisabetta Bertolini Visits the Library Hotel Collection
Founder of the Italian lifestyle and travel blog Moda Fashion, Elisabetta Bertolini, stayed at the Casablanca Hotel in Times Square, the Hotel Elysee, and the beautiful Aria Hotel Budapest. We were so excited to  have Elisabetta who is a spectacular photographer stay in three of our beloved hotels and leave us with such beautiful images of her experience. Join us in learning more about Elisabetta and hearing about her recent trips from her favorite bites in Budapest to her love of the glamorous New York City skies. #TravelTuesday #TipsforTravelers

LHC: Tell us about yourself, how did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
EB: I’ve always been a free spirit and curious to discover new places. Since I was a child, my favorite books and movies spoke about new worlds and places. Diego, who studied Tourism, is my life and travel partner and this passion towards travel grew up with us. I hope we can transmit this love for travel to our children.

LHC: How often do you travel and how long have you been an active travel influencer?
EB: I often travel but I do not recognize myself as a travel influencer, per say. The travel category on my blog has been a way to mix passion and work. For my fashion photography shoots, I began looking for new places and in the process began to love visiting cities. My new passion for travel is very evident in my travel diaries.

LHC: Which of our hotels did you stay in?
EB: I stayed at the Casablanca Hotel in Time Square, New York and I remember I was surprised by the night colors of the City that Never Sleeps. I also stayed at the Hotel Elysée in New York. I fell in love with this city and the atmosphere you can feel at Library Hotel Collection hotels. I felt this same sense of wonder when I was staying at the Aria Hotel Budapest.


Entrance of the Casablanca Hotel Times Square

LHC: How did you hear about our hotels and why did you choose to stay with us?
EB: I found out about the Library Hotel Collection through my Press Office Agent, Paola.  I am very thankful for Paola introducing me to the Library Hotel Collection for my blog tours.

LHC: From your experience in our hotels, what makes the experience with us unique?
EB: I love that each room of the hotels are unique and well cared for.  I also love the comfortable guest lounges,  which make the perfect place to relax and read your book or newspaper. I took advantage of the many varieties of tea, coffee, and refreshments served throughout the day at each hotel, as well.

LHC: What will you remember most about your stay?
EB: Serenity.


Elisabetta getting some writing done at a quiet desk at the Hotel Elysee

LHC: Was there anything in our city that surprised you?
EB: The sky when I was in Budapest; it was always pink above the frozen Danube.

LHC: Did you experience any favorite restaurants during your stay? What was your favorite local dish?
EB: We had dinner in two restaurants near Aria Hotel Budapest, which is in a central position. I loved trying Langos(Hungary’s most beloved anti-health food: a feast of deep-fried dough with various toppings).  We had a meal at Jack Burger, which offers American style hamburgers and a dinner at a Japanese restaurant, where the value was excellent.

LHC: Why did you choose to visit our city?
EB: Budapest is not a common place to go. I am very keen on discovering new cities that are different from the usual destinations like Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, London or Paris. I am very satisfied with my choice.

LHC: What was your favorite nearby attraction?
EB: The Chain Bridge and the frozen Danube.

LHC: Was there anything you recommend as a nearby “must see” for our guests?
EB: My advice for tourists visiting Budapest is to rent a car and see more of the city that way. You can’t miss the Hero Square or the Horror House.

LHC: What would you recommend someone do to prepare for a trip to our city?
EB: Of course! Just read my blog!

LHC: Did you collect any souvenirs from your travels?
EB: I went shopping and I also bought a magnet to put on my American fridge together with the other 100 magnets.

LHC: What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?
EB: My next destination is New York. I am leaving with other three bloggers for our usual experience at the Fashion Week, but I think that before the 8th of February my luggage will be ready again for some adventure!  Who knows!

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