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Brooklyn is Blooming

Published: February 28th, 2020

Spring is a very exciting season, especially in New York. The temperatures are rising, the sun is higher in the sky, and the gardens are blooming at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

One of the most spectacular things to do in the spring is to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. You know spring has arrived when the trees and plants all start to form buds that are waiting to bloom into beautiful flowers. This is the perfect time of year to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. With 52 acres of plants, trees, and flowers, you will enjoy sprawling through the gardens and everything the goddess Earth produces every year.

This Spring we want to make sure you don’t miss out on Nature’s true beauty just a short subway ride. Book Library Hotel’s special seasonal offer for your spring stay and enjoy two admission tickets to spend the day at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. From late March through May, take in the blooming cherry blossoms known to folks from all around the world. Learn More About our Blooming Spring Offer Here

More to see at BBG….

Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

One of the oldest and most visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside Japan. This garden portrays a blend of ancient hill-and-pond style and a stroll-garden style where various landscapes are revealed as you walk along the winding path. Architectural elements found here include wooden bridges, a Shinto shrine, a dramatic vermilion-colored wooden torii, and more.

Photo by Rebecca Bullene ( Left) Photo by Blanca Begert (Right)

Cranford Rose Garden

A familiar and special flower to all, BBG’s Cranford Rose Garden showcases thousands of roses in multiple colors growing multiple ways including arches and climb up lattices. This garden is one of the largest in North America since it first opened in 1928.

Photo by Alvina Lai (Left) Photo by Steven Severinghaus (Center, Right)

Fragrance Garden

This garden was designed to stimulate more of our senses in addition to sight, including smell and touch. Back in 1955 this garden was designed for those with visual impairments so they too can experience the beauty of the gardens for themselves. The plants featured here are meant to be touched and smelled including scented leaf plants, textured plants, fragrant flowers, and kitchen herbs.

Photo by Alvina Lai (Left) Photo by Rebecca Bullene (Right)

Shakespeare Garden     

One of our favorites, of course, a literary inspired garden. This garden features over 80 plants mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare, including snowdrops, daffodils, fritillary, squill, dwarf irises, and tulips that will be in bloom this Spring.

Photo by Jean-Marc Grambert


New to BBG, this new ascending garden offers beautiful views of the Cherry Esplanade and the Cranford Rose Garden. Along a winding path are benches accompanied by summer-flowering myrtle trees, ornamental grasses, and herbaceous perennials.

Photo by Rebecca Bullene (Left) Photo by Alvina Lai (Right)

Learn more about the different gardens and collections at Brooklyn Botanic Garden here.

Special Events at BBG….

Do not miss the Sakura Matsuri, the Gardens’ annual cherry blossom festival in celebration of Japanese culture that is filled with a rich program of events. This year it takes place on Saturday, April 25, and Sunday, April 26. It is a must see!

Art in the Garden! Enjoy various performing art performances every Tuesday night in March.

View more of their special events here.

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