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Best Running Routes from the Library Hotel

Published: April 13th, 2018

With spring around the corner, and the warm crisp air just starting to welcome the gorgeous tulips and beautiful greenery in our parks, who is ready to step outside and change up their routine? Your fitness routine that is! Our running team here at Library Hotel has put together our top three running routes in the area.

Even if you just need a quick jog to get your extra steps in or you are looking to do a full blown Central Park Tour on your own, there is a route for everyone.


These are our top 3 running routes from the hotel. Check them out & let us know your thoughts:

1 Mile Run Around Bryant Park

1 Mile Run Around Bryant Park Route


1 Exit the hotel to the right towards the NY Public Library on 41 Street.

2 Make a left on 5th Avenue

Make a right on 40th Street

Make a right on 6th Avenue

5 Make a right on 42nd Street

6 Make a right on Park Avenue, underneath the bypass.

7 Make a right on 41st Street

8 Find yourself back to Library Hotel on 41st Street and Madison Avenue.


3 Mile Run on the East River Running Path


3 Mile Run on the East River Running Path




1 Exit the hotel to the left towards 2nd Avenue

2 Make a right on 2nd Avenue going Downtown, towards 34th Street

3 On 34th Street, make a left towards the East River

4 You will see signs for the “Intrepid Heliport Corporation” and make a right, follow the signs to the East River Bikeway/Running Path.

5 You will reach the Waterside Plaza apartment complex. This is your turn around point.







6.7 Mile Run to the Central Park Reservoir

6.7 Mile Run to the Central Park Reservoir



Make a right out of the hotel towards Madison Avenue.

Make a right on Madison Avenue towards 57th Street

On 57th Street, make a left to 5th Avenue

On 5th Avenue make a right and continue on to 90th

Cross the Bridle Path, and up the stairs to enter the Reservoir running path.

Follow the loop around, and continue the path back to the hotel.







Do you have a favorite route near Library Hotel?

Some tips to keep in mind:

As mom always said, look both ways before crossing the road.

Run with a buddy, especially at night. Plus it just makes working out better.

Some of these routes are more congested as the city wakes up.
Try to wake up early, and enjoy the peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle begins.

What are your favorite running paths in the city? Let us know