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Group Fitness the NYC Way

Published: August 17th, 2018

All over New York, people are finding new and creative ways to unwind, tone-up and get energized. To make sure you never get bored or stuck in a rut, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest, most interesting workouts we could find. Some of the names may sound familiar, but we promise that most of these classes are unlike anything you’ve heard of before.They are in cool spaces, taught by energetic personalities, who will get you fit to your very core.

Photo Credit: @rumble_boxing

Rumble Boxing


A boxing inspired group fitness class featuring 10 rounds of heat that will definitely have your heart rate up! Fight like a pro with aqua training bags while the best hip hop on mashups get you pumped up. 

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Photo Credit: @projectbyequinox

PROJECT by Equinox

This isn’t a workout class, but its almost even better. This studio is a shared space for multiple different kinds, types and styles of trainers, some even having a cult-like following on social media. These walls are home to some of the very best of the best who have created their very own types of workouts. The studio has ever-changing neon lights to not only refresh your eyes from boring florescence, but even make a great photo-op after your workout. 

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Photo Credit: @sltnyc


“Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone” involves a series of total-body transforming workouts, all done on a machine called the “Megareformer,” which is like a Pilates reformer, only a bit more brutal! While these machines take time and practice to get used to, once you have gotten the hang of it, the results are incredibly rewarding. Your whole body will be more toned and your core muscles will truly strengthen. If you want to see how gracefully these machines can be mastered, head to Instagram to see how gymnastic instructors look using them.

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Photo Credit: @popphysique

Pop Physique

This ballet-inspired barre studio makes the most of its space by adding pop art all over its walls. Really dig deep and push yourself while surrounded by artistic and aesthetic bursts of colors and patterns, maybe focusing on those instead of how much it hurts will make the class go faster! 

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Photo Credit: @soulcycle


The workout craze that is taking over the world, SoulCycle! Spinning takes on a life of its own as crowds pour into these studios on a daily basis. The mix of music perfectly timed to your workout paired with an upbeat, happy instructor, is one of the many reasons that people of all age, skill and energy levels swear by this exercise. With locations popping up all over the country, get on a bike and pedal into a new community!

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Photo Credit: @dogpound


Where, do you ask, do famous people go to get their booties whipped into shape? The loud, outpouring response will undoubtably be DOGPOUND. From movie stars to Victoria’s Secret angels, this gym has a fitness routine that is specially created, just for you. Take part in group classes or sweat one-on-one with a personal trainer. DOGPOUND embraces the differences in everyones bodies, and strives to make this a class that all are welcomed to attend. 

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