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Up in the Air – Trapeze in NYC

Published: November 17th, 2014

“Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.” -Trapeze School New York

What could be more exhilarating than flying through the air alongside the skyline of New York City?  We’re hard pressed to think of something.  Trapeze School New York(TSNY) offers locals and visitors alike classes in the art of the flying trapeze at three different NYC locations.  It’s perfect for travelers as it only takes one class to get you up in the air, although they warn on their website that one class may not be enough after  you realize how tremendous the rush feels!  Hotel Giraffe’s Sales & Events Manager, Emily White, conquered her fears and took a TSNY class this August and was willing to share her first-hand aerial experience with us:

emmyI am admittedly an organized and habitual person who doesn’t like (is actually afraid) of doing anything I am not used to or comfortable with. So when my best friend Amanda told me she was signing up for a Trapeze School New York class and asked if I would join her, after I realized she was serious, I made sure to do some research.  I have to say their website,, put me at ease. Let me start you off with some background of the school:

Trapeze School New York is dedicated to making flying trapeze available to anyone who seeks inspiration, challenge, fitness or just a couple hours of unique fun. Their mission every day is to create a safe, fun, challenging environment where their students strive to surpass limitations and more richly enjoy their lives. Two hour classes cost about $65 (and is worth every penny!) and are held every day at multiple times.  Classes at prime times(weekday evenings & weekends) book quickly, so if you are planning to travel to NYC, be sure to contact our concierge teams at Hotel ElyseeLibrary HotelCasablanca Hotel and Hotel Giraffe to reserve in advance! Anyone can register and most classes are for mixed levels. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to receive the full experience of actually flying through the air because I was such a beginner but, boy, was I wrong!

loulouOn the big day, our class at South Street Seaport filled to ten people and we were introduced to our instructors. There are three instructors per class. We were given some basic instructions while on the ground about how to grip the bar, what commands we needed to listen to as well as all safety information. You could tell the instructors knew what they were talking about. They even showed us demonstrations without safety equipment just to show how comfortable they were with the bar and techniques they teach! We, of course, were fully harnessed in and attached to safety cables.

whewNervous, I climbed the ladder and reached the platform. The trapeze platform sits 23ft in the air and even though I am not normally afraid of heights, my palms started to sweat and I was breathing pretty heavy once I got to the top. One of the instructors was there waiting for me with a smile and calming demeanor on her face that let me know everything was going to be alright. Whew! “Well, here goes nothing” I thought.


It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! Each time I finished a swing and landed in the net below, I thought “ok, on my next turn, I will do this better or that better”. I was shocked I even wanted to do it again! But I went again and again and again, adding new skill after new skill until I was literally allowing myself to hang from my knees, do a back tuck dismount, and then to top it off and let one of the instructors catch my hands and swing from his arms! This all was only the first class, ever!

Advice – take deep breaths, stretch, listen to what your instructors tell you, relax, and enjoy the flight! Take it from someone who doesn’t typically enjoy new things – I am already planning when I can take my next class!

Feel like trapeze-ing in NYC?  They have an indoor location for colder months! Please feel welcome contact our concierge teams at the Hotel ElyseeLibrary HotelCasablanca Hotel, or Hotel Giraffe, we’d be happy to help you arrange it!