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Top 5 Skin Care Tips While Traveling

Published: May 18th, 2018

If you’re always hopping from one plane to the next, high altitudes and the stress of flying can wreak havoc on a healthy skin care routine. So we asked Library Hotel‘s partner, NOMI Beauty to help us with some tips to keep your skin healthy and radiant at 30,000 miles above ground and when you land at your next destination! Their top essentials are:

1 High elevations dehydrate your skin so drink plenty of water frequently before, during and after your flight.

2 Always apply a heavy duty moisturizer and lip treatment before stepping foot into an aircraft.

3 Keep a hydrating spray, such as Evian Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go (~$15), on hand to supply the vital moisture the skin so desperately needs to look soft, supple, healthy. With only a few spritzes of this TSA-approved mist, there’s a serious chance other passengers might wonder how you look so good after such an agonizing flight.

4 A super important handbag staple, especially while traveling, is a multi-tasking moisturizer to protect skin from local pollutants and keep it glowing. Choose a product with anti-aging properties, SPF, and moisture – and something small enough to be carried on to an airplane and through TSA.

5 Pop a hydrating sheet mask into your carry-on for use on the plane en route or at your travel destination. This celebrity go-to will help keep skin stay hydrated and refreshed for hours, and keep breakouts at bay.

And don’t forget to book your appointment with NOMI Beauty. Once you land, make sure to let our concierge team know or book online, they offer make-up and hair appointments all in the comfort of your hotel room! Sounds like it may be time for a little me time…


NOMI Beauty is a luxury beauty-tech company partnering with the Library Hotel to provide guests with hair and makeup services in the comfort and privacy of their hotel room.  Featured in Observer magazine as ‘One of the Fastest Ways to Get Beautiful in NYC’, NOMI Beauty makes it effortless to get ready for an important business meeting, social event, or night on the town. Guests enjoy a personalized, one-on-one consultation and choose from a lookbook of curated hair and makeup styles.  Appointments are available 6:30am – 9:00pm and can be scheduled at or through the hotel concierge.