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Time to Go Outside

Published: June 20th, 2019

Looking to exercise in the city without breaking the bank? Library Hotel Collection presents our favorite recommendations on how to spend some time outside and work up a sweat.

Take a Tai Chi Class

Group of people practicing Tai Chi in Bryant Park

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Tai Chi participants practice on the fountain terrace at Bryant Park

Enter your place of zen as you learn the calm yet forceful moves behind the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. Start your morning off with a light breakfast and then head straight to Bryant Park or any of these other great locations.

Relax with an Evening Yoga Class

Photo Credit: Angelito Jusay

Getting some peace and quiet in NYC is easy once you know where to go

After winding down from your jam packed evening but before grabbing dinner at Tony’s Di Napoli, Yoga in the park will present you with a calm you never knew existed. Find all the available options here.

Sweat it out at Boot Camp

Couple working out at Boot Camp in New York City

Photo Credit: Angelito Jusay

Push yourself to the max against the new friend you’ll make at Boot Camp

Meeting once per week on Wednesdays during the summer, check out this pop-up fitness expose sure to make you sweat. For the added challenge, go during the worst weather as it’s available rain or shine. Click here for more details.

Enjoy a run through Central Park

Friends jogging in Central Park

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Jog it out throughout Central Park with friends

Central Park is the best place to get a glimpse of nature in a big city. It’s easy to get lost while walking through the park, so make the best of it and explore some areas that even most native New Yorkers have yet to discover.

We’re here to help and we would love to assist you in planning this fun activities. Should you need any assistance with directions or need more recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask our concierge teams at Hotel ElyséeCasablanca HotelLibrary Hotel, or Hotel Giraffe for assistance! 


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