TESA JURJAŠEVIČ at High Note SkyBar at Aria Hotel Budapest
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Library Hotel Collection Interview with Influencer Tesa Jurjasevic

Published: March 7th, 2017

Today’s #TravelTuesday #SocialMedia Spotlight is on Tesa Jurjasevic, a fashion and travel blogger based in Slovenia.  We are proud to call Tesa a fan of the Library Hotel Collection as documented by her recent Magnifique Blog posts about her visits to three of our properties, ARIA HOTEL BUDAPESTLIBRARY HOTEL and HOTEL ELYSEE. Join us as we get to know Tesa and what she looks for to make the most of every travel moment.

One of three Presidential Suites at Hotel Elysee New York

One of three Presidential Suites at Hotel Elysee New York

Library Hotel Collection: Tell us about yourself, how did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
Tesa Jurjasevic: I started my journey as a fashion blogger but I always had a big passion for traveling. My first travels were for different fashion weeks but I soon realized it was something I love doing. I decided to start exploring the world with this new found passion. Hotels go hand in hand with traveling and I believe they are a big part of the whole travel experience. A hotel can really make or break a certain trip!

LHC: How often do you travel and how long have you been an active travel influencer?
TF: I try to visit at least one new destination each month. I just recently became a travel influencer within this year.

LHC: Which of our hotels did you stay in?
TJ: I stayed at three of the seven hotels within the Library Hotel Collection, one in Hungary and two in New York. I stayed at the Library Hotel and Hotel Elysee in Manhattan and at beautiful Aria Hotel Budapest.

Aria Hotel Budapest Satchmo's Library

Aria Hotel Budapest Satchmo’s Library

LHC: From your experience in our hotels, what makes the experience with us unique?
TJ: It all starts with the décor. Each hotel has unique interiors, attention to detail, and special themes. I also believe the amazing staff, delicious food, and brilliant service make the whole experience really special and memorable.

LHC: What will you remember most about your stay?
TJ: I think that would have to be the majestic rooftops and the spectacular views.

Library Hotel's Beautiful Poetry Garden and Bookmark's Rooftop Terrace

Library Hotel’s Beautiful Poetry Garden and Bookmark’s Rooftop Terrace

LHC: Why did you choose to visit our city?
TJ: I visited New York mainly for fashion week but since it is one of my favorite places, I, of course, made sure to enjoy the city as much as possible. On the other hand, Budapest has been on my travel wishlist for quite some time so I was really happy I got to finally visit this beautiful city.

Harmony Spa at Aria Hotel Budapest- the City of Spas

Harmony Spa at Aria Hotel Budapest- the City of Spas

LHC: What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?
TJ: Rome. The last time visited was when I was just a little girl so I would like to now get a grown-up experience.

Tesa Jurjaševič at the Aria Hotel Budapest

Tesa Jurjaševič at the Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection

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