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Photo Scavenger Hunt! 10 Noteworthy Spots to Snap a Pic in NYC

Published: May 4th, 2018

So you’re coming to NYC!  For sure, you want to show off your trip to all your friends.  What should you see and what do you need to take pictures of you ask?  Ahh…here are a few of our favorite picture worthy places.  These spots are sure to impress.  Can you snap all of them?  If you can, tag us!  We would love to check them out!


Grand Central Station:

Grand Central Station

Photo Credit: Anée Atelier David & Francesca in Grand Central Station in NYC

Grand Central Terminal is such a fun place to be and it’s always buzzing with New York City energy!  A picture here will absolutely show your friends exactly
what they are missing back home!  The architecture is so beautiful and detailed.  This is definitely one of Manhattan’s understated gems.




Times Square

Jaron in Times Square in NYC

Times Square:

Let’s face it, Times Square is enchanting.  Even though it is crowded 24/7, this is a MUST when visiting Manhattan.  Of course, all of our Casablanca residents will have this one in the bag!  I think I counted just 20 steps from Times Square to Casablanca the last time I was there!  Besides, no-one will even believe you were in NY if you don’t throw one of these up on Instagram!



Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge

Ray on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.  This means situated between the two coolest places is a very famous 1500 foot bridge that offers unmatched views.  Thus, the perfect place for a spring / summer walk or picture taking!  Kind of makes me feel like I’m in a movie!



MetLife Building - Midtown

Cheryl in Midtown NYC

Midtown / MetLife Building

If you are staying at the Elysee this will be an easy one!  This picture was taken at 54th Street and Park Avenue.  MetLife is a staple in the midtown skyline and now that spring has finally sprung here in the northeast, you might even get some tulips in your shot.



Empire State Building:

Empire State Building - 34th and 8th Avenue

Allison and Jamie with the Empire State Building in NYC

There are a ton of great spots to get a picture of the Empire State building, but this one worked out just perfect.  The corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue gives you a glimpse of that world famous building!  Check the light schedule to see which colors the ESB will be lit up with when you’re here!



Flatiron Building

Emily at the Flatiron Building in NYC

Flatiron Building

This 22 story triangular building is so close to the Hotel Giraffe!  If you are staying there and miss this one, then you lose!  At the narrowest point, the building only measures 6 feet wide!  If you’re big enough maybe your picture can look like you’re hugging the whole building!


Meatpacking District:

Meatpacking District

Photo Credit: Anée Atelier David & Francesca in the Meatpacking District in NYC

The cobble stone streets make this a sort of different photo you might expect but an absolutely adorable place to stop and say cheese!  Or eat cheese!  There are some great restaurants in this neighborhood.  Ask our Concierge staff for help with reservations before you head downtown.  They all book up quick!


New York Public Library

New York Public Library in NYC

New York Public Library

This is a giveaway for those of you staying at the Library Hotel!  You can probably take this one from the hotel!  The beautiful New York Public Library looks so prestigious in pictures.   Try to get the lions in the picture for bonus points!




Central Park

Hannah in Central Park in NYC

Central Park

Central Park in the Spring and Summer is one of my favorite places on the planet!  You have the best of everything…the park, the city, the horses, the playground, the merry go round, Belvedere Castle.  Pictures here can take an entire day on its own.  Who doesn’t love giant skyscrapers behind their beautiful park grounds?  It’s the perfect blend.



Top of the Rock - Rockefeller Center

Joe & Alex at Top of the Rock in NYC

Rockefeller Center

I love writing about Rockefeller Center because there is so much to see and do there!  You have NBC, shopping, ice skating, the Christmas Tree and of course everyone’s favorite, Top of the Rock!  You can just about see every end of Manhattan from here.  Your friends will be so jelly when they see this!



Try to hit all ten spots and tag us!  Let’ see if you are up to the challenge!
If you need help finding any of these places please feel free to reach out to the Concierge at any of our four New York City Hotels:  Hotel Elysee, Casablanca Hotel, Hotel Giraffe and Library Hotel.  We would be more than happy to help fill your Instagram with awesome NYC pictures!