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Dress for Every Season in NYC!

Published: November 13th, 2014

Millions of travelers from all over the world come to visit magical, invigorating New York City! As we have visitors from all over the globe from many different environments and climates, it’s important to be prepared when visiting a new place! Dressing for NYC is a very important part of planning your trip. Depending on the time of year and season, temperatures can change drastically throughout the day. As NYC is the ultimate walking city, we recommend a plethora of options in your suitcase for any weather change!

Below is a guide to dressing in each season, and how to better plan for your New York City vacation!

Dressing for the Fall:

There is nothing better than NYC in the fall.  The humidity subsides, the air turns crisp and  the leaves begin to change.  It’s a beautiful time to be here. If there is one thing I have learned coming to this city from Houston, TX, it is the importance of layering!

This is key for fall weather, as the days can vary greatly from a beautiful 60 degrees during the day to a low of 45 degrees at night and you want to be prepared when the temperature drops. Make sure to pack a good pair of boots, sweaters, scarves, blazers and a light jacket or vests for this time of year to add to the layers.

Dressing for the Winter:

From December through mid March the temperatures have been known to drop well below freezing, and even enter into a polar vortex! In these frigid temperatures, you must bring a heavy lined jacket, or a puffer coat. Save room in your suitcase and keep your jacket with you on the plane for when you arrive… you will need it! Again, a scarf, gloves, and a hat are necessities during this time of year. Since you will be walking all around the city, it is important to also bring a good pair of snow or waterproof boots as well. The snow on the sidewalks does clear fairly quickly, however the streets can be icy and large puddles can form.

Additional tip- one of the best purchases I have made since living here are my tech gloves for using your smart phone while keeping your fingers warm! These will come in handy when looking up directions around the city or the nearest subway stop! For the ladies- I also highly recommend these Plush fleece-lined tights. They are incredibly warm and stylish during these winter months. You may find them here: 

 Dressing for the Spring:

I think I can speak for mostly everyone when I say we all look forward to the spring season! The snow melts away and tulips begin to bloom on Park Avenue, however it can still be chilly in NYC. As it slowly warms, light jackets and sweaters, and scarves are good options. Sometimes rain can surprise you for 15 minutes in the middle of the day, so be sure to always pack a small umbrella! This season also allows for a brighter wardrobe or fun accessories to get out of the dark colors of winter, so feel free to lighten it up!

Dressing for Summer:

The summer in NYC is such a fun and exciting time to visit. It’s the perfect time to take long walks through the city, sit outside for lunch, or  take a walk through Central Park.


Light and airy apparel such as flowy dresses and tanks for women, and shorts and cotton or linen shirts for men are best to pack during this time.

Other Helpful Tips When Packing!

Accessories are always a good idea to bring with you on your vacation. I would suggest bringing a good pair of sunglasses, a small travel umbrella, and a cross body bag for carrying items as you shop around!

Shoes…! NYC is a walking city, and whether you’re shopping till you drop, touring museums, or looking for a New York Slice, you will need a very comfortable pair of shoes for your trip.  As well as being comfortable, you also want to be stylish when tromping around Manhattan at night! Men should bring a nice pair of dress shoes for going to dinner or to the theater.



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