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New Additions to Times Square

Published: June 1st, 2018

Times Square will always be known for it’s big lights, Broadway shows, multi level shopping stores, street performers and crowds of people. Just when you think you’ve done Time Square, there’s something new to experience. Check out these exciting attractions you may not have known about!

live music performance while people enjoy dinner

Photo Credit: @oprycitystage


Times Square has welcomed a piece of legendary Nashville by opening its doors to it’s own Opry City Stage, NYC’s new home for country music and culture. Experience how they do it in Nashville with 4 floors of music, southern food, and showcased Opry memorabilia dating back 9 decades, Indulge in staple Southern dishes including hot chicken, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, and more! There’s going to be a whole lot more of country fans in Times Square!


two children setting into a virtual ocean with a shark

Photo Credit: @natgeoencounter


Did you know about the aquatic realm in Times Square? National Geographic welcomes you to their Ocean Odyssey capturing life below water from the South Pacific to the Carolina Coast. Allow technology to transport you to these animals natural habitats and witness natures rarest moments through photo-realistic animation. Let the magic of cinema and technology fulfill your dream of being a deep-sea explorer.

woman dodging lasers through museum exhibit

Photo Credit: @spyscape



We all have a little Bond in us or at least wondered what life would be life if we were James Bond. Spyscape is an interactive museum that allows you to crack codes and dodge lasers just as actual spies do. You may even have to plan your own escape and decipher an encoded message. If you wondered how the bad guys were caught before this era of technology, you can learn all about it and experience for yourself.

two young boys in the super bowl celebration room at the nfl experience in Times Square

Photo Credit: @nflexperience





Football fan or not, the NFL Experience will have you feeling like New York’s very own Eli Manning. With so many interactive and hands-on activities you bound to have a blast! From the Quarterback Challenge, the Game Plan, Super Bowl Celebration and Team Huddle, you are Time Square’s newest champion.




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