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LHC Tips for New York City Winter Restaurant Week 2018

Published: January 22nd, 2018
It’s that time of the year! New York City Winter Restaurant Week gives thousands of people opportunities to dine at almost 400 of city’s remarkable restaurants. From January 22nd- February 9th, 2018, participating restaurants are offering prix fixe menus for a $29 lunch and/or a $42 dinner! WOW!  Now you’re probably wondering where to begin! Allow us to share some of our personal tips to ensure you get the full experience.

Explore Your Options!

Obviously everyone has their favorite restaurants in mind, but I say check them all out! This is the perfect time to experience a restaurant that you’ve never been to or thought you would get the chance to! Even some of the city’s most elite restaurants participate, so why not TREAT YOURSELF! If you visit, you can browse through all your options!

Book ASAP!

Image result for monkey bar nyc

Hotel Elysée by Library Hotel Collection is home to New York City’s famous restaurant and Restaurant Week participant, The Monkey Bar.

Restaurant week reservations are now open! Even though you don’t need reservations for all participants, I say book! Some restaurants are harder to get into than others, so it’s probably best to secure your spot. PLUS, you’ll score some OpenTable points! When staying with us, our concierge team is always willing to assist guests with restaurant recommendations and bookings!

Compare Menus Prior!

Many restaurants will present a separate menu specifically for Restaurant Week showcasing their chosen specialty dishes. It’s best to compare this menu to the regular menu, just in case you are looking for something specific. If you don’t recognize any of the dishes, DON’T PANIC! Check Instagram! Numerous restaurants and dinners will be posting their dishes and using #NYCRestaurantWeek. I say check out the hashtag and the restaurant’s Instagram!

The More the Merrier!

If you can get in with a group, I say do it! The more people, the more dishes you can try. This way you won’t miss out on an appetizer, entrée or desert!

Don’t Forget About Lunch!

So many people just think of dinner when they hear Restaurant Week, but you should also take advantage of lunch specials! It can be a delicious, affordable, mid day experience whether you’re working, sightseeing, or just hungry for some good NYC food!

Read the Fine Print!

While 99% of this offer is amazing, there are some notes to remember! Saturdays are excluded and Sundays are optional! Also, the prix fixe rates exclude beverages, gratuities, and taxes! Lastly, some restaurants may offer ONLY lunch or dinner, but most both!

Our concierges at the Hotel Elysee, Casablanca Hotel, Library Hotel, and Hotel Giraffe are always willing to assist our guests with restaurants recommendations and reservations! Give us a call, email us or stop by the front desk if you need any help!