Library Hotel Collection Interview With LandLopers’ Matt Long:
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Library Hotel Collection Interview With LandLopers’ Matt Long:

Published: February 21st, 2017


Landlopers' Matt Long

Landlopers’ Matt Long

LandLopers’ Matt Long Visits Library Hotel Collection

The Library Hotel Collection has a Writer in Residence program and often has the pleasure of welcoming travel bloggers and journalists from around the world.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know these travel enthusiasts, that we thought our travelers and friends would enjoy meeting them too. That’s why we decided to begin a new Travel Tuesday tradition, with a social media spotlight for travel influencers. We are happy to kick of the program with one of our favorites, well known travel influencer, Landlopers’  Matt Long. We were honored when Matt recently stayed at Hotel Elysee and shared his story: 5 Reasons to Love The Hotel Elysée in New York.

Please join our conversation with the man behind so many amazing travel expeditions and why he’s a fan of the Library Hotel Collection.

Adele Gutman, Library Hotel Collection: How did your passion for travel and hotels begin?
Matt Long:
 I’ve always had a passion for travel for as long as I can remember. The trick was finding a way to make it my career, to make it the focal point of my life. Stuck in a cubicle for longer than I’d like to admit, I started my blog as a creative outlet, one that quickly grew and took over my life. I finally left that 9-5 job more than 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

LHC: How often do you travel and how long have you been an active travel influencer?
I travel about 30% of the time or so. I have a house, three dogs and a nice suburban life that I enjoy so I try to balance travel and home time as well as I can. I started LandLopers in 2010, so it’s been 7 years as a social traveler.

LHC: Which of our hotels did you stay in? How did you hear about our hotels?
 I was fortunate enough to stay in the Vaclav Havel Suite at the classic Hotel Elysée in New York City.

Vaclav Havel Suite at Hotel Elysèe by Library Hotel Collection

LHC: How did you hear about our hotels and why did you choose to stay with us?
ML: Since I spend so much time on social media, it was from friends who had enjoyed amazing experiences at the various properties. As a luxury traveler I was intrigued and after a little investigation knew instantly that the Library Hotel Collection was one I wanted to experience for myself.

LHC: We are so glad you did, and we hope you visit our other hotels, as well, Matt. Based on your experience at Hotel Elysee,  is there something you felt makes a stay with us unique?
I was most impressed by the little extras at the Hotel Elysée.
The relaxed wine and cheese reception every afternoon, the generous breakfast service and the feeling that the staff would do anything in their power to ensure that I enjoyed my stay. That means a lot and ultimately it’s that quality of service which makes a hotel truly exceptional.

LHC: We really believe in giving our guests great value, plus all the amenities put a smile on our guests faces. Is there anything in particular you’ll remember about your stay?
It may sound silly, but sometimes when staying in the heart of New York it’s hard to find a peaceful night’s rest, but that’s exactly what I enjoyed at the Hotel Elysée. My suite was very much a peaceful enclave; a place where I could retreat to relax and unwind after a busy day. I love New York, but for non-locals it can be a taxing experience, and everything at the Hotel Elysée was designed to help me decompress and relax. That’s priceless in my opinion.

Read more about Matt’s day in New York City : My $8 Bowl of Cereal & A Perfect Day in New York City.

Monkey Bar at Hotel Elysèe

Monkey Bar at Hotel Elysèe

LHC: Comfort is essential! What’s next on your Travel Bucket List?

ML: In 2017 there are many new places I’d love to visit for the first time including India, the Maldives, Portugal and Brazil.

LHC: We hope you are going to add Aria Hotel Budapest to that list! You are going to love it!

Exploring the World- One Adventure at a Time

Exploring the World- One Adventure at a Time

Matthew Long
Founder and Publisher
Exploring the World- One Adventure at a Time

An experiential luxury traveler at heart, Matt Long shares his adventures with thousands of readers every day through his award winning site As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer. Based in Washington, DC, Matt has been to more than 70 countries and all 7 continents. Be sure to follow his adventures on:

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