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Escape to Serenity with the Library Hotel Collection

Published: May 11th, 2018

When staying at any Library Hotel Collection property, we want to ensure your highest level of comfort and an ‘Escape to Serenity’. We know how exhausting traveling can be, so when it comes time to relax, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect sleep. We suggest starting off by putting on one of our plush robes and slipping into a pair of our comfy slippers. Need more? Check out what’s available here!



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Relax!  Make your guestroom feel like your home, or even better. While our guestrooms allow for individual temperature control, if you can’t seem to get it to your liking, ask us for a fan or space heater. We know how crucial it is to have it just right! Looking to cancel out the outside noise? Choose from earplugs, a white noise machine playing the natural sounds of nature, or SleepPhones, aka pajamas for your ears.


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Dream your sweetest dreams! Make your bed just right. We are happy to offer Hypoallergenic and Memory Foam Pillows upon request.  If your one those people who like to wrap yourself in layers of blankets and create your own personal cocoon, we’ve got extra cozy, fleece blankets. If your looking for additional comfort for your mattress, we are happy to have a memory foam topper ready on your bed upon arrival! We have limited availability so be sure to place a request when making your reservation!

Then there’s the daily essentials! Sometimes your so excited to travel, you forget some of the most crucial things. No stress necessary, just dial “0” for any of the following:

Razor/Shaving Cream
Sewing Kit
Shoe Polish
 Coffee or Tea Maker
Mini Refrigerator
Baby Crib
Make-Up Mirror

Need something you don’t see on the list? Ask away! Our concierge staff at each property would love to assist you in finding whatever you need during your vacation.