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Chris Escapes the Room in NYC!

Published: November 19th, 2014

New York City is perfect for Family-Friendly activities, but what about Friend-Friendly activities?  Sometimes it’s difficult to plan outings with large groups, whether it be due to differing tastes or that not everyone can fit into that small Jazz club.  Escape the Room, NYC’s hottest new attraction, provides an exciting and fun atmosphere for small and large groups alike.  Hotel Giraffe’s concierge, Chris Lastra, had the night of his life when he escaped the room last month and was happy to share his experience with TipsForTravelers:

It was just like any other building in NYC, just a simple entrance with a number. The doorman greets you at the front entrance, telling you to head to an undisclosed floor of the building. When reaching the floor, you can feel the excitement in the air. You know why you are there, but the real question is—will you make it out? This thought alone is one of the greatest accomplishments involved in Escape the Room, one of NYC’s hottest attractions this holiday season!

esapppConsistently ranked in the top ten on TripAdvisor, Escape the Room is one of New York’s most popular new attractions. It uses nothing more than a simple concept: follow the clues and find a way to escape the room. It plays on the  fear of being trapped in a small space, with no easy exit but a series of clues leading you further into the rabbit hole that is the story they are telling. Everyone is given an hour and, for the most part, left to their own devices to get out. A guide gives a short introduction with an even shorter lists of do’s and don’t’s. Do explore, don’t destroy.  Besides this, the guide is only available through cryptic clues he or she gives through a monitor placed in the room. When it seems you are helpless or lost, these clues will help you along your way. This simple “ding” becomes your one saving grace while you watch the clock tick away.  But don’t expect the answers to be given to you, it truly is a test of your intelligence.

essssEach of the rooms has a different theme.  “ The Office” is your worst nightmare of being stuck at work, while “The Home” is a Victorian style interior leading you to believe it has age, as well as beauty.  “The Agency” is there for any of the Secret Agent types out there looking to decipher codes!  The décor for each room matches it’s theme which adds plenty of immersion to your overall experience!  They have two locations in New York City. The “Midtown Games” house the three rooms mentioned above while the “Downtown Games” house two of their larger attractions, one for ten individuals and the other for twelve.

chrissyThe size of the party you bring does not matter. You have the option of reserving a room for yourself and your friends or if you and a friend want to go on a whim, you can simply reserve two spaces in another open group! Each ticket is $25 which is reasonably priced for a New York City attraction. Bookings can be made by phone or on their easy to navigate website If anyone is interested in experiencing this for themselves I insist that you must go! They are opening new locations with one recently opening in Philadelphia as well!

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