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The Aria from a Different Perspective

Published: July 7th, 2015

You’ve heard lots of what we have to say about our new Aria Hotel Budapest, but how about hearing what other people have been saying about it too? No surprise, travel writers love the Aria! Let us count the ways. 

Over the past few months since the Aria opened, we have had the pleasure of  welcoming many bloggers and have found their insights to be so fascinating, we felt we should share them with you. We hope they help you prepare for your next European adventure!

Grand Entrance Hall 5.1


Aria Hotel Budapest- The home of music lovers by Vukota Brajović

Fashionela, created by Vensa Filipovic, is an online version of the fashion magazine. It is a fashion portal dedicated to fashion and the fashion industry. The goal of their blogs is to inform their readers about world fashion trends and to promote fashion designers. They are devoted to writing about new revolutionaries, fashion bloggers and blogs. Vukota featured a model (pictures above), who also blogged about the Aria, in one of his posts.

fashion container

Aria Hotel Budapest by Malena Permentier

Fashion Container, founded by Melena Permentier, is a blog that covers fashion and fashion trends. By adding her personal touch to her blog and sharing her experiences with fashion with her readers, she makes sure to stay “always fashionable, but never superficial.”



aria 2

A Vacation Like a Beautiful Sonata at Aria Hotel Budapest by Christian Stan

Travel for Senses reports on what is new, in and hot in luxury travel. These bloggers tell their readers about their experiences with the five senses at top destination hotels all around the world. Experiencing these new and unique destinations is what they love most. Their goal is to inspire people to travel to places worth experiences around the world. From boutique and designer hotels, exotic retreats golf and all inclusive resorts, luxury cruise lines and top airlines to exquisite gourmet experiences, breathtaking rooftop bars and some must attend arts and cultural events, they see and tell about it all.

style at 30

Epic Views at High Note SkyBar in The Aria Hotel Budapest by Jo

Upon turning thirty, Jo realized that the time had come for her to step into the beautiful world of grown-up style. Her blog, Style at 30, talks about fashion and Jo’s own taste in clothes and activities which are right there with her during this new phase of her life. It is about her experiences building a wardrobe that looks young and fresh while keeping it sophisticated. As she experiences new adventures all around the world, she also talks about her favored travel tips, trendy resorts and restaurants, style tips and favorite pieces of clothing. As someone who is passionate about living life in style, she believes “the true beauty, elegance and flair of a woman comes from the inside, her spirit.”


Aria Hotel Budapest – Music in the Air by Cathleen Behrends

Cathleen Behrends is a local scout from Vienna for the blog platform creme. She spent 17 years in the international financial industry and during that time visited almost every European capital and financial city, lived in Istanbul for eight years and sharpened her eye to unusual ambience, creative cuisine and exceptional localities. Her goal is to use her personal touch to inspire and surprise her readers and those who are visiting Vienna as well as the locals.

The creme serves as a showroom for the writers’ favorite European metropolises. Their blogs are a compilation of extraordinary places, beautiful things and notable locales. Only the noteworthy and recommended can find their place within the blog.

aria 5


Kornél Magyar new Musical Director at Aria Hotel Budapest

eHotelier is a global industry that serves subscribed hospitality professionals. It started out as a daily newsletter, but has since adapted a new look with new features and new functions, while maintaining a global-focus and commitment to providing content that is relevant to its readers. It is “an information source for hoteliers published by hoteliers with deep industry knowledge and experience.”


10 Hotels in Europe That Make You Feel at Home by Elaine Glusac

Getting mentioned in The New York Times Travel is such a thrill. We are so grateful to Elaine for taking the time to write about us.

aria 6

Aria Hotel Budapest listo para ser inaugurado en marzo del 2015

Viajaratope es un periódico digital de carácter independiente sobre cruceros y viajes. Nuestro objetivo es mantener informados a los viajeros con las últimas novedades sobre turismo, cruceros, destinos, en lengua castellana.”


Yonder est un magazine en ligne dédié aux voyageurs exigeants du XXIéme siècle, pensé comme un verítable carnet d’inspiration. Hôtels d’exceptions, destinations éclectiqueset variées, sélection d’adresses exclusives, actualités, reportages photographiquesexcptionnels, nous vous proposons chaque jour des contenus variés pour inspirer vos futurs voyageset les rendre encore plus inoubliables.”

aria 4

The Library Hotel Collection welcomes highly qualified travel and culture bloggers so if you are a blogger and would like to visit our hotels, please feel free to contact us at to inquire about our Writers in Residence program.