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Five Favorite 24 Hour Restaurants in New York City

Published: November 24th, 2014

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, so naturally, we need access to food around the clock! When you have those pesky late-night cravings we know your tummy’s are rumbling for delicious food. Pizza and diners just won’t do. You are craving something different, something filling and you want to sit down and enjoy your meal rather than standing over a counter. When visiting Manhattan, there are so many things to do and see that you might just end up needing to fit in your dinner at 2am.  I’ve listed five of my favorite 24 hour restaurants and the reasons why I love them.

Empanada Mama
Just as the name suggests…Empanada Mama specializes in empanadas of all kinds at any hour of the day or night! The pizza empanada is stuffed with…you guessed it, mozzarella and sauce. The Hawaiian Empanada is stuffed with ham, pineapple and mozzarella! The Huevos Pericos is stuffed with tomatoes, eggs and scallions. There is something here for every palate, even if empanadas aren’t your thing! Enjoy one of their delicious salads or one of the specialty Spanish dishes. Besides…who doesn’t want a Chili & Beef Empanada at 5:30am?
Address: 763 9th Ave between 51st and 52nd Street
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen

Wo Hop
It’s 4am and you have dumplings on your mind? New York City has the solution…Wo Hop. When talking about this place you may hear responses like “Oh, my parents used to take me there when I was a child” or “My grandparents used to have dates there”. This NYC staple opened in 1938 and has been serving up delicious and fresh varieties of Chinese food ever since! From lo meins to cold sesame noodles, you’ll find all of your go-to favorites here and at anytime you so desire it. Personally, my favorite is the Pineapple Duck and the Sweet & Sour Pork. Affordable as this little gem is, cash is a must because they don’t accept any other form of currency.
Address: 17 Mott Street and Mosco Street
Neighborhood: Chinatown

Sex & the City fans will be dying to try this little 24 hour joint. Step into the lives of Carrie and her pals and enjoy this very hip all white restaurant, Cafeteria. The simple menu offers choices of grilled cheese, chicken and waffles, salads, burgers and so many other tasty treats. This is definitely a see and be seen type of place, so don’t forget to wipe that cheese off your lip when you’re done eating. There is a basement bar to enjoy one last cocktail before heading home.
Address: 119 7th Ave between 17th and 18th Streets
Neighborhood: Chelsea

B.A.D. Burger
After bar hopping in the East Village (or Williamsburg), we know your stomach has got to be rumbling! Burgers and Breakfast All Day Long is what offers B.A.D. Burger their name and menu! Enjoy huevos rancheros, wake & bake burgers, and dairy-free milk shakes at all hours of the day or night. So, they technically aren’t open 24 hours a day, but they do keep their doors open until 5am daily!
Address: 171 Ave A / Avenue A & 11th Street
Neighborhood: Alphabet City

French Roast
This adorable bistro has all of the Parisian details one might expect in France.  French Roast offers many special items such as steak au poivre, mussels provencale and french sandwiches like the Croque Monsieurs. The french fries are cooked to order and cooked in typical French fashion…cut into shoestrings. This may be the most upscale dining you can get in the wee hours of the morning. With 2 locations, you can get delicious French cuisine whether you are uptown or downtown. The atmosphere is refined, yet casual with a very European flair.
Uptown Address: 2340 Broadway @ 85th Street, New York, NY
Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Downtown Address: 78 West 11th Street, New York, NY
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

You don’t need to be a night owl to enjoy these five restaurants.  They make delicious options for breakfast or lunch as well!  Have you tried any 24 hour restaurants that you loved?  Let your fellow travelers know by commenting!  Our teams at the Hotel Elysee, Hotel Giraffe, Casablanca Hotel and Library Hotel are standing by to offer more suggestions if you need.